Word-Press Security

I am offering  a Word Press Monthly Security Monitoring Service at $75.00/year/per site. Your site will be monitored and protected against hacking and other pitfalls for one year. Are you interested?

I’m sure you have heard plenty about cyber security in the last year. It’s no joke and it does seem like even small sites are being assaulted daily by hackers all over the world.

If your site gets hacked you end up with some upsetting content on your site, or your domain name may redirect to another web site. Your site can be totally damaged beyond repair. You may receive a notice from your hosting company warning of “malware” or corrupted files on your web site. Or Google may add a notice to your Google listing that warns: “This site has been hacked.” This is not good for business!

In the last year I have seen many different types of hacking going on and I have been trying to learn and implement various changes to the web sites I have built in order to increase their security. Cleaning up a site after it has been hacked is much harder and more costly than protecting a site before it gets hacked.

Here are some things that will be included to protect your WordPress web site:
• Install updates to plugins, themes and Word Press as soon as they become available. Many updates are security patches.
• Make regular backups of your site and store them on the cloud.
• Remove plugins that have been abandoned; some offer backdoors to hackers
• Change and strengthen user names and passwords, and monitor users
• Optimize your site and database for optimal performance, upgrade PHP as needed.

I am offering this service to monitor and update your website on an ongoing monthly basis. I know it is difficult for most website owners to keep up with these things on their own. Each month I will visit your website, make a backup and update the plugins, theme and WordPress as needed. I will also review reports of traffic to the site. I will review the users on the site and make recommendations if I see weak user names and passwords. As needed I will optimize the site for better performance.

These services do not guarantee that your site will not be hacked. However malware problems will be noticed quickly and removed  as soon as possible.