What Clients Say

catherinelegrand“Judith has been an ideal cohort and navigator in the creative process of developing my websites. She respected my artistic sensibilities and calmly greeted each challenge this large project presented. The personal attention and kind encouragement she provided to me throughout the process of developing content for this website helped it to become what it is–an expression of who I am and how I can be of service to others.”
-CL, Durham, NC CatherineLeGrand.com

cosmicdreaming“Judith Gadd’s superb sense of design brought my website, and my book, Lavender, to life. There’s been a groundswell of response from friends, colleagues and even mere strangers as to the ingenuity of the site and the way in which the content was handled. Judith possesses the rare capacity and sensitivity for tuning into the client’s needs, educating and offering various options, as she goes. For months she gently prodded the intention I sought to explain and promote my work. Unflappable and responsive through the long gestation process, she is a mosaic of web designer, therapist and technician – simply wonderful to work with. And much like the creed of the postal carriers, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” stays this courier from the swift completion of her appointed rounds, ever with a smile and a generous dose of levity.
-JBG, New York  CosmicDreaming.com

Marilyn Green Art (created Spring 2009) “Working with Judith was like suddenly being enormously empowered – whatever I wanted to do, she could “make it so” or suggest a better way. Because my work is a little hard to describe, my site is all-important, and Judith has given me a showcase that displays and organizes it wonderfully.”
–Marilyn Green MarilynGreenArt.com

“Judith is a joy to work with! She is terrific and intuitive at creating and bringing your inner vision into physical form. I highly recommend her for whatever your project may be. I have enlisted Judith’s expertise for years and through our work together, I have come to know, love and appreciate her as a dear friend. The feedback I get from those who visit the site is extremely positive.”  — Beloved, Mt. Shasta, CA

“Judith Gadd was wonderful to work with. She set me at ease right away, and first guided me through the puzzling process of creating the content for my website. Then, after I delivered the content to her, the website was designed and up and running in no time. I love the finishing touches Judith put on my site – the graphics and the navigation of it. She was thoughtful and did not hesitate to ask me if she felt something else was needed, but she also listened carefully and responded to my suggestions. It was a wonderful collaboration for which I am extremely grateful.”  – NP, Hillsborough, NC

Friends of Debbie Key (created June 2007) and Friends of Debbie Key Blog “Judith is who she says she is, a Web Goddess. She has proven this to me by demonstrating her unique gift of getting in touch with her client on a personal level, and finding out exactly what I want my website to say, and where I want to go with it. I appreciate how easily I could communicate with her, and I found that giving her free reign on how to design and layout my material is the best way to do it. Just tell her what you want your website to be about, and she won’t disappoint you. While working with Judith, it often seemed to me that she understood what I wanted to say better than I did. She gives excellent feedback, and she has really helped me get in touch with my feelings, providing me with good therapy while designing my website. Indeed, she is a pleasure to work with. Thanks again.” BW – FDK

“I found Judith by perusing some websites I liked and saw she had created them. We spoke on the phone and I sent her written materials. I wanted her to have a sense of who I am and the nature of the work that I do so she came out to Drumsong to see the land and healing space. As she began to create the site it did not immediately express the essence of who I feel myself to be through color and texture. I went to her with fabrics and photos, and we had a good time generating ideas and images. I left and within a week I received an email from Judith to check the site. I was astonished at the beauty and fluidity she was able to create from our brief encounters. People who know me comment regularly that the site absolutely conveys who I am to the world. Thanks Judith for you skill, guidance, and patience!”
– ML, Chapel Hill, NC  Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul