Star WebWorks


Do You Want To Have A Web Site?

These days everything happens on the web. It is the first place that people go to find you, and those first impressions are very important. As well as having a web site or blog it is important to network and use Social Media to promote your site. This presents an avalanche of challenges for the small business owner!

My mission is to make it easier for you. I like to coach people in getting their message out to the world. Star WebWorks can get your web site up and running for a reasonable price, and in a timely manner.  I can also help you to set up your online business, creating a look that delivers your message, 
marketing and search engine placement, blogs and newsletters.  I can answer your questions, and coach you through the process.  So even if you have no idea where to start, please don’t hesitate to begin.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

Star WebWorks is a creative web design service offering coaching, site design, hosting and marketing services for small businesses and 

Customer Computer & Phone Education and Support

Do you need help with your computer or cellphone? You want to be able to use it but it is just frustrating. Is it running slow? Do you need help learning email or security? We now offer in-your-home support from Benton Bogle.

Benton has been an instructor and repairman for decades, and is patient and understanding in helping folks get their computers to work. Email him at